WW2 surveillance aircraft South Devon

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beth 123

Jan 22, 2023
Good afternoon.

I am writing a children's novel set in South Devon near Hope Cove. This one involves a WW2 aircraft. I have done some research on Bolt Head and believe there were surveillance runs to search out U Boats off the Devon coast., part of Coastal Command. I would like to know what type of small aircraft would have been involved. In the story the plane does crash losing the pilot. Therefore I need to ascertain would he be able to bail out. Your help would be referenced accordingly. Thank you in advance.
Depending on the time period,

two-engine plane ... Bristol Blenheim, Avro Anson, Lockheed Hudson, Bristol Beaufort, De Havilland Mosquito, Bristol Beaufighter
single engine biplane ... Supermarine Walrus
single engine monoplane ... Fairey Battle
Thank you for your reply. The year would be 1942. Thank you. B
The Coastal Command ORBAT of relevant No.19 Group for June 1942:

And 15 October 1942:

Source 'The Cinderella Service' by Andrew Hendrie.

bolt head was a small airfield, mainly single engined a/c
in 1942 it was spitfires & typhoons

these were mainly escort missions and defence against the ' tip and run' raids by the luftwaffe

only twin i know of that operated from there was the whirlwind but that was in 1943

think you will find a coastal command liberator crashed nearby but that was 13 july 1944 from 311 squadron
a google search should bring it up
Units at Bolt Head
257 Squadron detachment from September '42 - Typhoon
276 Squadron detachment - Lysander , Walrus and Spitfire.
310 Squadron detachment - July '42/September '42 - Spitfire
421 Squadron detachment - June '42/July '42 - Spitfire

The airfield was attacked twice, on 7th March's and again on 1st May '42.

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