WWII English German bomb sight maintenance manual including wiring diagram and US drooper's operation manual

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Mar 26, 2022
To start with, there's WWII English bombsight used on Lancaster bomber operator and maintenance manual.
This document was generated by Colin Hinson, from a Crown copyright document held at R.A.F. Henlow Signals Museum. It is presented here (for free) under the Open Government Licence (O.G.L.) and this version of the document is Colin Hinson's copyright (along with the Crown Copyright) in much the same way as a photograph would be. The document should have been downloaded from his website Radar
Update: Bombsight_Mk9_set_and_construct manual added.
and Norden Bombsight's US patent 1945.

Added: Thanks to @SDASM Archives for the fantastic Norton B sight's Maintenance Manual:
alternate link:

Thanks to Ron Downey for the usage manuals for the B sights:
alternate link:

Another alternate link with access code 1234

Please download the following 3 pdf attachments:


  • BombSightXIV_Operator_Maintenance_Manual.pdf
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  • bombsight_mk9_set_and_construct_manual.pdf
    4 MB · Views: 96
  • US2703932-Norton-Bombsight.pdf
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Next, there're WWII US bomb droopers' operation manuals.
Please download the following 2 pdf attachments:


  • The_Poop_on_Bombing_Printed.pdf
    5 MB · Views: 94
  • BombardiersInformationFile.pdf
    34.7 MB · Views: 92
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There;re alsp a set of more detailed operator's and maintenance manual on WWII german LotfeFernrohr7D bomb sight, used on FW-200 Heavy bomber.
Please download the following 5 pdf attachments:


  • LotfeFernrohr7D.pdf
    7.2 MB · Views: 89
  • LotfeDatenblatter_Printed.pdf
    4.3 MB · Views: 95
  • Ldv5205_Leidfaden_Lotfe_Printed.pdf
    13 MB · Views: 92
  • EinbringVorschriftLotfe.pdf
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  • Lotfernrohr7C_Printed1.pdf
    8.3 MB · Views: 92
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WWII US Dive Bomber Automatic Bomb Autopilot Operator and Maintenance manual, used on SBD in Midway.
Please download the following pdf attachment:


  • op1306_ASG-10_Manual_autopilot.pdf
    9.4 MB · Views: 101
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