WWII Piston Engine Production

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Nov 8, 2005
I was wondering when the last WWII era piston engines were produced. Naturally, I figure none of the Axis powerplants made it past '45, but what about the rest? I know the V-1710 was still being built until '48 for the P-82. What about the last Merlin? The Griffon was used on the Shackleton, so it must have been produced pretty late. I think the R-2800 made it until the 1960's for commercial use. What about the R-3350?
from my "all things B29" thread, heres some info for you...

..... the -95W [3350's] engines ........are a late (1965 or so) manufactured engine that went on AC-119K Gunships (attack version of the Boxcar).

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