Yak 3 Dimensions/Specs Required

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    Hi there.

    Just joined this excellent forum after being a 'lurker', and would like to ask a if anyone has the following data on the Yak 3: -

    Fuel Tank Capacities
    Root Chord
    Tip Chord (not essential)
    Wing Area
    Wing Incidence
    Fin Height
    Fin Tailplane Areas
    Control Surface Areas
    Control Surface Movement (including flaps)
    Prop Diameter/Pitch Range
    U/C Track (span between each mainwheel)
    Airspeed G-Limits

    Whilst I can get some of this info from 3-view drawings, it would be nice to get a confirmation from official sources if possible. (I think I actually have a PDF copy of an original Yak 3 Pilots manual somewhere, but it is of course in Russian!

    I actually found some performance data graphs posted here, and I've also got the basic stuff, along with weight data from the Yak Fighters Page, but would like to check the following: -

    Empty Weight
    Combat Weight
    (full weights, loading and CoG positions would be a bonus)
    Max Speed @ SL
    Max Speed @ ALT
    Intial Rate Of Climb (all full combat power if possible)

    I wonder also if anyone also has any of the above data for the new build Allison powered machines (so far I've only found some performance specs on the new build 9's), as I could do with this data too.

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