Convair GRB-36F Peacemaker

Shown here is a GRB-36F Peacemaker long-range reconnaissance aircraft modified to carry a F-84F Thunderstreak fighter as a parasite fro self-protection. Note the four underwing J47-GE-19 jets for added performance.

Convair GRB-36F Peacemaker
Administrator, Mar 25, 2006
    • marcus4hire
      Saw this photo on the front page and it caught my eye.

      I cannot say for certain but there is a good chance Col. Clarence E. 'Bud' Anderson is at the controls of the F-84. I know he was part of the program and one of, if not the only, pilots to fly the role. Of course, it has been awhile since I read his book.

      Nonetheless, interesting photo. Thanks for posting!
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