Fairey Seafox

The Fairey Seafox was a 1930s British reconnaissance floatplane designed and built by Fairey for the Fleet Air Arm. It was designed to be catapulted from the deck of a light cruiser and served in the Second World War. Of the 66 built two were finished as landplanes. In 1939, a Seafox played a part in the attack on the German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee by spotting for the naval gunners. This led to the ship's destruction after the Battle of the River Plate. They were utilised up until 1943. The Seafox was operated during the early part of the war from the cruisers HMS Emerald, Neptune, Orion, Ajax, Arethusa, and Penelope and the armed merchant cruisers HMS Pretoria Castle, Asturias, and Alcantara. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Wings Palette

Fairey Seafox
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