Fw 190A

Fw 190A

Quoted from the source:FW190 atthe 404th base- It was flown by Gefreiter Walter Wagner, of JG4 and is (was) White 11, a FW190A-8 of 5 Staffel II/JG4. The poor guy apparently mistook his intended target of LeCulot and attacked either/both St Trond and American ground forces around Bastogne, and then force landed at St Trond thinking it was LeCulot. His unit took very heavy casualties that day, 17 pilots dead, missing and wounded plus a further 6 as POWs, 42% casualties and less than 10 planes serviceable that night.The plane's codes are OO(L, which one book describes dramatically as standing for OH OH Hell, though St Trond was a Belgian base and OO is the Belgian national code for aircraft registration purposes. On the port cowl there remains what looks like a Luftwaffe unit crest, presumably JG4.
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