Miscellaneous Crew: 1 Span: 9.87 meters Length: 8.51 meters Height: 2.59 meters Weight empty: 1 582 kg Weight loaded: 2 202 kg Propulsion Power (total): 635 HP Specific power: 288 HP / tonne Maximum speed: 470 kph Initial climb: 670 m/min. Service ceiling: 8 100 meters Range: 700 km 1 Junkers Jumo 210D engine (635 HP) Production From: May of 1937 First flight: 1936 Armament 3 x 7.92mm MG 17 machine guns History The B-series was the first production model of the 109. The V-4 to V-13 prototypes served as the pre-production B-0 series. The B-series was powered by the Jumo 210 A, B, D, Da and G engines. In 1937 45 B-series aircraft were shipped to Spain for operational trials in the Spanish Civil War. B-0 (1937) These were the 10 prototypes V-4 to V-13. Some of these aircraft were armed with 3 MG 17’s. The V-11 and V-12 were equipped with the DB600 engine. B-1 (1937) The B-1 was basically similar to the B-0. It was armed with 2 MG 17 machine guns. B-2 (1937) The B-2 was fitted with a metal variable pitch VDM prop. Originally the B-2 was fitted with a third MG 17 firing through the propeller hub. This was often deleted in the field however as it did not function properly. Messerschmitt Me-109B-2

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