Armament: Two 30 mm MK 108 cannon (135 rounds per gun) and two 20 mm MG 151 cannon (300 rounds (port) and 350 rounds (starboard)) in the nose, and two 20 mm MG 151 cannon in a trainable Schrage Musik mount in the rear cockpit. An option was the installation of a Waffenwanne 151Z ventral tray, housing two forward firing 20mm MG 151 cannon. Some aircraft had two 7.92 mm (0.31 in) MG 81 machine guns instead of the two 20 mm MG 151 in the rear cockpit. A small number of aircraft had provisions for 210 mm Wfr Gr 21 rockets under the wings. On models designated for fighter bomber service, ETC 50 racks were installed under the wings capable of carrying 2,645 lbs (1200 kg) of bombs.

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