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  • Hey keith.. what is your process for that subtle detail on bombs and your bulkheads.. that little stains and such. Referencing your MTO build for this question. :)
    At that I will.. too bad my mother wont cut up the wood so I can start the dio already. It's been damn near a month!
    I have some updates on my P-40 :D I did dry brushing and then sanded some things down and took pictures of what the cockpit will look like ! Thanks!
    I got the sand! It's beautiful Muller! I just hope I will have some left over for more bases in the future.. thanks man!!!! :D
    Made it to the beach.. the sand I got is dirty looking. I was hoping to get some of that yellow tropical stuff found in vacation spots. Think there is anywhere on the web that sells modelrs beige sand or the equivalent?

    I guess I could buy some dyed sand, because I am not using what I got! :)
    Well it turned out like # 2 instead of a palm tree. I need newspaper, will have to go searching..

    I did the tape method for chipping and it ripped a whole slab off, so I whipped out the scalpel. Its really easy to over do it, wish I had some reference pics but P61 info is rare on the internet. Need to buy the plaster soon so I can get this base done, I want to enter my 1/72 Liberator! :)
    I am attempting your palm tree method. I didnt have the wire but found soldering metal, its very flexible and soft but once the tape got around it and I was fine. I didn't have newspaper so I tried parchment paper, it kind of worked. For the next tree i'm going to glue down those long rolled pieces of tape, they slipped out of place when I was trying to put the paper in. It's drying now, then I have to paint it, if it looks good then i'll keep it, if not back to make a new one. Also need to go buy some fake leaves!
    Shells are only two miles from me!

    I need to try plaster, as I want to have the wheel marks also. Will any kind work?
    Hey Corey, you building a beach strip base? I've never built one, but I've been thinking of doing one for the Havoc, they would have used coral strips too.

    I reckon I'll get some shells from the beach, put them in the middle of an old newspaper and smash the hell out them with a hammer. I've done this before with gravel to get various sized rocks for dio's. Keep smashing them till you have a fine-ish white powder. I'm hoping it will look like crushed coral.

    For the base itself I'm thinking of using plaster on some board to make it look like a beach that would have had a lot of traffic, so not completely flat. Building up contours and putting wheel tracks in it.

    Then I'll wet base with diluted white glue (pva) and sprinkle the crushed shells over it. Leave it for a few hours to completely dry and then shake off the excess crushed shell. If I want more coral on, just repeat the process.

    Hope this helps! (you can try it first and let me know! :))
    Hey Keith, I was wondering if you would have any idea on how to build a "crushed coral" base. I am making a base for my P-61 and it has to be crushed coral oriented, just don't know how I would go about achieving the look. :)
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