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  • Hi, Ross.

    Please check your esnips folders.
    You will find some part of my recent work "Merlin" there.

    Thanks Ross for your message.
    Shade can import SHD, DXF, 3DS, LWO, XVL, EPSF and bvh.
    Thanks for your care and efforts when you are busy.
    I look forward to your data.

    With best wishes,
    Hi Shinpachi,
    Don,t worry havent forgotten.Doing a double move at the moment house wise..Long story.Trying to get everything organised for an upload to esnip.We do have some Solidworks designs of the piston and conrods for the Merlin,measured off original samples.Not sure if Shade can import such files?What does it import file wise?
    Cheers Ross
    Hi, Ross!

    I have just understood what the esnip means.
    I'll be looking forward to your information of upload soon.

    Fumiyuki Nagakura alias Shinpachi
    PS: You may call me Shinpachi as Fumiyuki will be hard to pronounce :)
    Hi, Spits!

    It is my honor if I may contribute to your ongoing greatest project.
    Yes, please forward your material so that I can build up the Rolls-Royce Merlin on my CG.
    One month will be enough. I will, of course, do my best.

    As for the JU87 Stuka project in Belgium, I think his work is great but I'm afraid that whole my time
    might be taken for his request for a long time, say, from the basic drawing to the final 3D imaging.
    As you may know well, scratching thousands of lines is not necessarily easy for a drawer on hobby basis.
    I'd like to know the range of contribution he thinks first.

    Best wishes, Shinpachi
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