1. Spectre311

    B-17E in Europe

    With the arrival of the B-17F how long did the "E" stick around in the European theater? It was quite prominent in the Pacific and if i recall correctly, North Africa as well. While I can find some photos of them in Europe, I'm unable to figure out how long they were there before they were...
  2. Dronescapes

    Target For Today. Original Upscaled B-17 Flying Fortress And B-24 Liberator Training Video

    Target For Today. Original Upscaled B-17 Flying Fortress And B-24 Liberator Training Video https://youtu.be/yYOf7rumdxM
  3. Dronescapes

    Aircraft turrets and defense tactics. Interesting historical facts you might not know. Ep. 1

    Aircraft turrets and defense tactics. Interesting historical facts you might not know. Ep. 1 https://youtu.be/fVjLnjvzWJo
  4. F

    B-17 Pathfinder Memorial, Brome, Suffolk

    Last autumn I responded to a request from an American lady, for information on a B-17 Crash in Suffolk, England. When I replied, I had no idea of the journey I was embarking on ! The first coincidence was an aviation enthusiast, I had recently sold some books to, lived in the area. However, I...
  5. Dronescapes

    B-17 Flying Fortress. The American mighty bomber of WW2. Documentary

  6. Dronescapes

    Restoring a B-17 Flying Fortress. The City Of Savannah

  7. Dronescapes

    How to fly a B-17 Flying Fortress. Original upscaled video

    How to fly a B-17 Flying Fortress
  8. zeamerseagerbeavers

    Ad Astra, by Del Hayes

    I've scanned the announcements and news and not found anything indicating that I can't recommend a novel written by my dad in this section, so I'm going to, because it's right in this wheelhouse. If this is against the rules, I apologize and feel free to delete it. (And yes, there's now a movie...
  9. AlexModelist

    The diorama with B-17 Ye Olde Pub

    Greetings friends! I want to introduce you to my work. Link to the video
  10. Glenn Sprouse

    Need info: B-17G Nine O Nine, the original

    Good Afternoon Everybody: I'm getting ready to do a 1/48 Nine-O-Nine and I am trying to make it as accurate to the real one as possible, not the one flying right now (sorry Collings Foundation). I have found plenty of photos, some even in color, but there is still one area that eludes me, and...
  11. ODonovan

    351st BG(H) - Documentary Narrated By Clark Gable

    This new one was just put up by Zeno's Warbirds. I know it's not the 303rd (sorry, Bill), ;) but it's not bad. It covers the group from their Atlantic crossing well into the thick of the fighting. :salute: -Irish
  12. Luftace43

    1/72 ProModeller B-17G "2nd Patches"

    This will be my next project. I plan to build this as "2nd Patches" a B-17G-DL-30 426th BS, 99th BG, 15th AF, USAAF. Shown is the kit I will be building along with references I have at hand. I have decals on the way as well. Though there are at least 3 pictures of this aircraft that I know of...
  13. ikrananka

    B-17 The Mighty 8th - Getting Started Tutorial Video Series - Now Available!!!

    I have just published on YouTube the first video in my Getting Started Tutorial series of videos covering the B-17 The Mighty 8th game. View: https://youtu.be/RMwKq7V0duU Please check it out and let me know what you think. If you appreciate the video then please "Like" it and subscribe to...
  14. Snautzer01

    Boeing B-17 on a ramp in Germany picture question.

    Whats the story of this one?
  15. Vince P

    Memphis Belle (1990) - Plane list

    Hi all, I was just wondering if any of you could help identify the planes that were used in the filming of the 1990 film Memphis Belle? I've already identified the B-17s but looking for assistance on the other aircraft, here's the list that I've managed to put together from various sources but...
  16. Vince P

    Photo request - Three specific B-17's (44-83868 / 44-83735 / 44-85784)

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a new B-17 project (Boeing B-17 Resource) and in need of some photos of the following three aircraft: BOEING B-17G – 44-83868 Registration number(s): N5237V Known as: Tanker 65 at Goleta tanker station Notes: Flew in to RAF Brize Norton, England in 1983 and now...
  17. Vince P

    Hey there!

    Afternoon everyone! (well, it is here in the UK), just wanted to drop a message and say Hi! I live just outside of Cambridge and about 6 miles from the Imperial War Museum Duxford. Currently working on a new online resource about the Boeing B-17 which I'm hoping to get the first phase launched...
  18. IHRA

    New book on early history of the 43rd Bomb Group

    We are pleased to announce that the first volume of Ken's Men Against the Empire will be published next month. You can pre-order your copy from our website. Free personalized autographs are available upon request. This volume covers the 43rd's B-17 era, spanning from the Group's early days...
  19. K

    B-17 APU schematics

    We are looking for schematic diagram for a B-17 APU for changing the brushes. Thank you.
  20. Torch

    B-17 walk around video.