1. T

    My 2021 build Tamiya G6

    Tamiya 1/48 G6 is good kit. I want to buy it again when I can go to Japan again.
  2. Dronescapes

    Messerschmitt Bf 109. Restoring A Piece of History
  3. T

    Eduard BF109 G6/AS in Post War Finnish Marking

    This is my first Eduard. I like the kit in general, but I dislike the idea to fix the prop unlike the Tamiya poly cap or Revell stick rod method. Detachable/rotatable prop is good for transportation purpose. I wish Tamiya make Bf 109G variant, but as you know Tamiya seems to be not interested...

    Griffon Spitfire was better than any Bf109?

    This chart is showing Spitfire Mk.XIV was overwhelmed all of Bf109Gs. I think Spit can overwhelmed Bf109s for climbing rate and turn radious too. So Griffon Spit was better fighter than Bf109?
  5. T

    Luftwaffe Pilot Cannon Preference

    Hi, New member here. I am just curious about Luftwaffe Pilots preference/opinion of their autocannon. Did they prefer MG 151/20 more than MK 108? Thanks.
  6. B

    Is it possible to build a WW2 Fighter?

    Hey. This might be a dumb question. Actually im a guy that can fly a plane. Only small ones like C172 or ASK23 / 21. Because im very bored and i want to do something nice, i actually want to reconstruckt a Fighter out of WW2 in real size. Something like a Bf109 (G2 or K4 or something like that)...
  7. Snowygrouch

    Black-6 DB605 Engine Injection Pump

    Dear all, An interview I recorded last month at the home of ex. RAF engineer Chris Starr, who was responsible for the DB605 engine of Black-6 Me109G (now at RAF Cosford, UK). Interviews - Calum Douglas Just click "register", then when logged in the videos will all appear. (NB Due to the...
  8. M

    Bf109G rear trim wheel gear chain

    Sharing with you my next project, I am remanufacturing the rear trim wheel gear chain of the Bf109G. Please enjoy the pictures that I will post as I progress.
  9. S

    Air battles over Malta 1942

    Hello! I recently finished building model kits of Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb and Messerschmitt Bf 109-E both of which had roles in dogfights over Malta. I was wondering if anyone knows any more planes that had parts in this battle ( between June 1940 and November 1942). I tried to find more...
  10. swampyankee

    Demonstrated Performance of Bf109T

    Just what it says in the title: what was the demonstrated flight performance of the various Bf109T sub-variants.
  11. I

    Me109 g10 question

    So can someone tell me why some g10s were made like the upper picture and some like the picture below?( Erich Hartmanns last 109 which was a g10 was like the picture below)
  12. kettbo

    Do Not Exceed speed later Bf109s

    Someone posted on an internet site the Do Not Exceed speed of the Bf109 was almost always 750km/hr /466mph He also wrote the Bf109 was one of the slower-diving planes of WW2 With Bf109G-10 speed of 428mph or there about Bf109K-4 a tad faster, then some crazy stuff in anti-Mosquito units...
  13. tigerdriver

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 BF 109 F4 - Mediterranean Theatre of Operations

    Username: Tigerdriver First name: Dave Category: Beginner Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Revell Model Type: BF109 F4 Aftermarket addons: OOB Mandatory Photos:
  14. Snautzer01

    eBay: Messerschmitt Bf109

    1 part
  15. Snautzer01

    Messerschmitt Bf109 emblems and Camo

  16. le_steph40

    **** DONE: 1/48 Kittyhawk Mk.III - Mediterranean Theatre of Operations

    Username: le_steph40 First name: Stéphane Category: intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Hasegawa Model Type: Curtiss Warhawk P-40K-1-CU (Kittyhawk Mk.III-RAF) Aftermarket addons: Sky Models decals and Eduard seatbelts Hello, I have almost finished my MS406 in GB#23 (in time ...)...
  17. Snautzer01

    Nightfighter Bf109 Camo

  18. rochie

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Bf109 G-6 - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    Username: Rochie First name: Karl Category: intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Academy Model Type: Bf109 G-6 Aftermarket addons:none 6 pictures as required.
  19. G

    Most Beautiful Aircraft of WW2?

    Beautiful means, not about performance, only about looking good. Please choice only one aircraft you think beautiful. I vote to Bf109. I think it has sharpe shape and beautility.8)8) Vote finished!
  20. jester_587

    BF109 G performance help

    Hello, I am trying to find some documentation on the 109 G. More specifically flight characteristics for speeds, diving, climbing and especially turning! I can get all kinds of people "WORD" on the matter but no actual documentation. Any kind of performance charts that I can get my hands...