1. Lucky13

    Black Arrows, Blue Diamonds, Firebirds....

    I wonder if you can still get this one.... View:
  2. GregP

    Mike Mangold Crash

    In case you haven't heard, Mike Mangold crashed and died in his jet yesterday in his L-39. 60 years old and VERY experienced. Military Top Gun. Numerous awards and Red Bull Air Race Champion, among other laurels. Not much news yet about why. If Mike couldn't handle the emergency, almost...


    With a heavy heart I've just learned that Mike Mangold was killed flying his L39 today at Apple Valley CA. I had an up and down relationship with him but he was a friend and mentor. Blue Skies Mike! Say hello to Bob and Doug for me! :cry:
  4. Torch

    good Blue Angels vid
  5. Lucky13

    Luftwaffe F-104G, 26+13 of JaboG 34, Memmingen, 1974...

    Thought that I'd start this thread for the F-104G, that just happened to fall on to my lap, did, sort of... Try multitasking like I did with the two Skyraiders a couple of blue moons ago, Polish MiG-21 and this Luftwaffe F-104G from JaboG 34 numbered 26+13... Is this the only...
  6. Torch

    nice little Blue Angels clip
  7. Capt. Vick

    Can anyone ID this Weird Bird?

    This is a picture that is hanging in the Cradle of Aviation Museum that shows Roosevelt Field in the early part of last century. Can anyone ID the plane I circled in Red? Very curious looking. Oh, and another odd duck I circled in blue off to the right. Must be one of Mr Burnelli's early...
  8. gjs238

    What will be the next Blue Angels and Thunderbirds aircraft?

    What will be the next Blue Angels and Thunderbirds aircraft?
  9. Torch

    good blue angels vid.

  10. Torch

    Blue Angels ooopsie daisey....

    Navy Blue Angel jet slides off runway in Maine | Local News - WMTW Home
  11. JKim

    **** FINISHED: 1/48 Fw190D-9 "Blue 12" - Winter War/Eastern Front WWII

    Username: JKim First Name: John Category: Intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Hobby Boss Model Type: Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9 Aftermarket Addons: Eduard PE seatbelts and Montex canopy and insignia masks Blue 12 of II/JG6 Mandatory Photos Extra Photos
  12. Airframes

    What's Happened to the format ??!

    I've just logged in, at 18.50 hrs UK time, and found that the appearance of the site pages is totally different! Instead of the WW2 banner etc, there is a horribly plain, blue header, entitled 'Metro', and the whole 'look' is plain, lacking the normal layout. I'm presuming this is a temporary...