1. Elmas

    Sad accident

    <iframe class="ilg_video_embed" src="http://www.ilgiornale.it/video_embed/1135157.html?ratio=640" width="640" height="640" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> Abruzzo, scontro fra 2 aerei pattuglia acrobatica - IlGiornale.it Unfortunately one of the two pilots died, the other is in...
  2. Njaco

    Last of Wernher von Braun's rocket scientists dies

    Last of Wernher von Braun's rocket scientists dies in Alabama - San Jose Mercury News BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) -- The last known surviving member of the German engineering team that came to the United States after World War II and designed the rocket that took astronauts to the moon has died...
  3. bobbysocks

    the day the music died...

    56 years ago today Feb 3. 1959 a small plane crashed near Clear Lake, Iowa. killed in the crash were 3 popular musicians, Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson ( known as the Big Bopper ), and Richie Valens. Waylon Jennings who was Holly's bass player gave up his seat to The Bopper. The death of these...
  4. R


    Didn't realize one of our famous prime ministers flew in these as navigator and bomb aimer. He died today aged 98. Not a bad run! Gough Whitlam was his name. R.I.P.
  5. B

    What if, Goering was killed before WW2

    good day everyone, if i assume correctly goering has major influence in the development of luftwaffe start from the scratch before ww2, i really like to know, what if goering was killed (or just died any other way) before the ww2 start (and i assume as 1 september 1939 when the blitzkrieg...