1. Vince P

    Photo request - Three specific B-17's (44-83868 / 44-83735 / 44-85784)

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a new B-17 project (Boeing B-17 Resource) and in need of some photos of the following three aircraft: BOEING B-17G – 44-83868 Registration number(s): N5237V Known as: Tanker 65 at Goleta tanker station Notes: Flew in to RAF Brize Norton, England in 1983 and now...
  2. Vince P

    On board TF-51D Mustang Miss Velma

    Just found this awesome video on The Fighter Collection website of their stunning TF-51D
  3. Vince P

    Hey there!

    Afternoon everyone! (well, it is here in the UK), just wanted to drop a message and say Hi! I live just outside of Cambridge and about 6 miles from the Imperial War Museum Duxford. Currently working on a new online resource about the Boeing B-17 which I'm hoping to get the first phase launched...
  4. Airframes

    Members Airshow meet, 'Flying Legends' 2017

    After a really great long weekend at Duxford for the BoB 75th Anniversary show, with Andy (Crimea River) and Jeff (Hunt) from Canada, his friend Jason from the USA, and Karl (Rochie),his daughter April, and myself, we got talking about trying to organise a bigger, better meeting of forum...
  5. Jeff Hunt

    Duxford....Birds in Theirs Nests

    For those who have not been to Duxford, there are buildings just full of static aircraft and this thread is designed to show you Duxford's nestlings. Many more to follow...... Cheers, Jeff
  6. Jeff Hunt

    75th BoB from Duxford

    This will be a photo post for any and all pics taken from the 75th BoB at Duxford. Lets get the ball rolling with these. Cheers, Jeff
  7. buffnut453

    Airborne at last! Blenheim MkI first flight from Duxford

    And some simply beautiful pics to boot: Aviation News – She flies! Bristol Blenheim Mk.I L6739 (G-BPIV) takes to the skies at IWM Duxford | GAR