1. Dronescapes

    WWII Aircraft Engines. American, British, and German Engines

    WWII Aircraft Engines. American, British, and German Engines
  2. T

    DB 605 vs Merlin

    I personally prefer DB 605 over Merlin in single engine application. With DB 605, you can put arnament (MG and Cannon in the spinner) in the nose, provided the plane design had enough space. That is enough for air supremacy one. Putting DB 605 in Bf 110 was a waste of time. While Merlin, in my...
  3. NatanielHewelt

    What does M Ratio and S Ratio mean in the RAF pilot's notes?

    In the pilot's notes for both the Hurricane (AP1564B) and Spitfire (AP1565E) there is no mention of what M and S ratio actually pertains to. There is no explanation I could find in pilot's notes general (AP2095 ) either. Any help in understanding exactly what this setting is would be greatly...
  4. R

    Packard Merlin Illustrated Parts Manual (V-1650-7) (AN 02-55AC-4) from 1945 or older

    Hi guys, some of you might now I'm doing a CAD model of the V-1650-7. I have several copies of the Illustrated Parts Manual for it but unfortunately they have been revised post war (1947 and 1949). Because Continental took up production late and post war they made some changes to the Bill of...
  5. Mark Biegert

    UK Merlin Production Figures

    Hi folks, Would anyone have UK Merlin production figures by year and production site? I have been digging around online and I have only found partial information. Thanks
  6. P

    Rotax Magnetos

    Hi So I just picked up two Rotax magnetos to suit Merlin engines. I was wondering if anyone had any info on them or anything like that. I have multiple Merlin Manuals but they all talk about timing. Any experts able to tell me how to test them and possibly get them working? Attached...
  7. J

    Spitfire cruising settings

    Hi all, Its been a while, but I'm back after being insanely busy with work for about 12 months. While I've got a little more spare time, I'm working on a long-ish piece on the realistic(-ish) possibilities for a long-range Spitfire emerging in 1941-1942. With that in mind, does anyone...
  8. O

    Anybody know climbrate of Spitfire Mkii w/ Merlin XII?

    Just wondering if anybody knows climbrate, either chart or in text, or a Spitfire Mkii with a Merlin XII engine. I'd be happy with climb and speed charts but if all someone has is climb that is OK by me, so long as its relatively specific for altitudes up to atleast 6km ideally higher
  9. GregP

    Single and 2-Stage Merlin Pics

    I said I'd get some pics of the single and 2-stage Merlins that are sitting on stands at the museum, and here they are. The V-1650-7 is going in one our P-51Ds and the Merlin 224 will go back into the Ha.1112 when the restoration is completed. The 224 will have to be looked at since it...
  10. P

    Spitty Compressor - Merlin

    Anyone know anything about this is beaut. I know its a air compressor but there seams to be alot of conflicting info out there. Some have told me it powers instruments, other flaps and guns, and other brakes and stuff. Anyone know for sure. Also how would I go about restoring this thing. Doesn't...
  11. Merlin 46-engined Spitfire Vb of the 3rd Squadron of 57th GIAP during Kuban

    Merlin 46-engined Spitfire Vb of the 3rd Squadron of 57th GIAP during Kuban