1. pops-paolo


    Guys I'm leaving for Italy on Tuesday ill be back on August 20th I know and visited one cool air museum nearby Padova in Italy before but does anyone have other cool aircraft places they know for me to try and visit this year
  2. syscom3

    My Chino 2015 photo's.

    I'm just beginning to go through all my pictures. But I just want to share this one to start things off. The museums P38 coming through a loop. 270mm, ISO800, F11, 1/1600 second
  3. W

    Museum adds virtual tour

    Hello - new member but longtime lurker here. I just received an email from the National Museum of the United States Air Force telling me that a long overdue virtual tour has been added to their website. It's still in it's infancy though since you can only see some of the museum exhibits...
  4. G

    Restoration Chief from Pueblo CO

    Hi all, my name is Joe and I am Chief of Restorations at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum. I hope to be able to assist any one who may be in need of something that I can "tackle" with you! I also hope to be able to be able to network with others as the Museum I am at, like most non-Federal...
  5. G

    Warner-Robins, GA, Aviation Museum

    A short term contracting assignment brought me to Warner-Robins, Georgia, for a few months last year. I had a couple of brief opportunities to visit the Aviation Museum there. I was most impressed. They have a complex of 4 large buildings ringed by warbirds. Definitely worth seeing! A...