1. X

    WINGS at SEA, Landing a Pusher-Prop on a Postage Stamp....

    A knotty design conundrum! Using some 'imagineering', what if the Curtis XP55 'Ascender' and the Kyushu J7W 'Shinden' went into production and both spawned navalised variants for carrier deployment. The thorny issue of deck landing arises; 3-point tricycle landing gear means the awkward...
  2. Snautzer01

    Blohm & Voss BV238

    Orig. Foto Flugboot Flugzeug Blohm & Voss Bv 222 V2 "Wiking" Reparatur im Hafen | eBay
  3. Migrant

    Eduard 1/72 Bf 110C

    I don't really do a lot of Luftwaffe subjects but was persuaded to build this, and I'm glad I did – it's a beautiful kit. This was the Profipack version with colour photo-etch and suchlike, plus I added Brassin resin wheels and the gun nose.
  4. Snautzer01

    Blohm & Voss BV222 Wiking

  5. Jeff Hunt

    Foto Fest 2016 Mk. I

    Welcome one and all to 2016. Lets get things started with some Naval aviation. Cheers, Jeff
  6. syscom3


    I came across this. NAVAIR 00-801-80
  7. Catch22

    Pensacola Time Needed?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this thread but here it goes anyway. I'm looking into going to Pensacola with my dad and brother this January, and I'm just wondering from anyone that's been there, how much time we'd need at the Naval Aviation Museum. Also, is there...
  8. P

    A naval version for Warhawk?

    I share with you some pictures of fighters Curtiss P-40 operating aboard aircraft carriers or on the flight deck. Some questions for aviation and history enthusiasts of WW2. There was a naval version of the P-40? Which countries have used during the war and which Operating Theatres? To view...
  9. C

    The success of ordering the Fairey Firefly off the drawing board

    A variety of sources such as Fairey Firefly | Tangmere Museum quoted below repeat much the same story of how the Fairey Firefly design started in 1939 and was pushed by the Admiralty as rapidly as possible. Note that the specification N5/40 was essentially written around Fairey's proposal...
  10. syscom3

    The Willy Victors

    Now that I have your attention; I came across this website about the EC-121's (known in naval parlance as "WV-2's") in naval use in the post WW2 years. The Willy Victor Group
  11. G

    Naval Anti Aircraft Fire Control Directors

    Anyone aware of what type of fire control directors would be on Naval vessels throughout the war? Or a good source for this info? I'm most interested in the Pacific, but any info would be helpful. I'm thinking that Japanese capital ship had the type 95 director only on the 3x25mm mounts...
  12. D

    F8F Bearcat rate of climb

    Greetings everyone, I searched everywhere around the web to find the Bearcat best rate of climb (any variant) because some say it had the fastest rate of climb of any piston fighter at 6300 ft/min (32 m/s) while others say it could only achieve around 4300 ft/min (23 m/s). Here are my...
  13. F

    structural differences between Naval f-15 and Air Force f-15

    I am trying to do some research on the structural differences between an f-15 for the Navy and the Air Force. I am a flight student at Elizabeth City State University; doing a presentation on this. The basic information I have so far is that an f-15 for the Navy has to be lighter and stronger...
  14. Bell XFL-1 Airabonita

    Bell XFL-1 Airabonita

    In, 1938 the U.S. Navy placed a contract with the Bell Aircraft for a navalized version of the P-39 fighter. Changes included a tailwheel undercarriage, installation of an arrestor hook, enlarged vertical surfaces and restressing for carrier operations. The Navy lost interest in the project and...