1. Dronescapes

    Brigadier General Jimmy Stewart: Pilot, Soldier, Actor, And Restoring The P-51 Thunderbird [BIOGRAPHY]

    Brigadier General Jimmy Stewart: Pilot, Soldier, Actor, And Restoring The P-51 Thunderbird [BIOGRAPHY]
  2. Dronescapes

    Fairey Swordfish, A Plane Reborn. The Aircraft That Crippled The Mighty Bismarck

    Fairey Swordfish, A Plane Reborn. The Aircraft That Crippled The Mighty Bismarck
  3. Dronescapes

    Oshkosh 2023 Live: North American SNJ-5 Texan

    Oshkosh 2023 Live: North American SNJ-5 Texan
  4. Dronescapes

    Restoring the Piper L-4H “Rosie the Rocketer”. Oshkosh Livestream

    Restoring the Piper L-4H "Rosie the Rocketer". Oshkosh Livestream:
  5. A

    Seeking R-1820 -86A propeller(s)

    Hello All, In a previous thread I had questions about the R-1820 engines that our foundation was donated. Now, with engines in hand and one of our goals being to get at least one engine running, we are seeking a propeller. It is a 23E50, I believe. (We are also seeking 1-2 starter motors...
  6. M

    B-17G "Piccadilly Lilly II" WalkthroughTour - Planes of Fame Air Museum

    Just finished putting this together! Enjoy
  7. Torch

    Horton 229 restoration

    The only surviving Horten Ho 229 - "Hitler's Stealth fighter" - WAR HISTORY ONLINE
  8. gumbyk

    P-39 to NZ

    Just found out that a P-39 is on its way down here for restoration: P-39Q Airacobra. | Pioneer Aero Hopefully we'll see it flying at our next airshow in 2017! I've heard that this is one of three on their way down here...
  9. bobbysocks

    proper tools for the restoration of old british roadsters

    years ago when i owned an auto parts store i came across this. one of my customers was a triumph, mg, mini dealer. they all used cutting edge lucas electrical systems. being from the colonies we were not accustomed to such high tech systems. once the dealer let me in on the trade secret all...
  10. Donivanp

    B-29 Doc rolls out

    The B-29 Doc rolled out from restoration yesterday. Restored Doc B-29 Emerges on 70th Anniversary of First Delivery | Flying Magazine
  11. M

    Martin B-26B-25-MA Marauder "Flak-Bait" Restoration

    The National Air and Space Museum is embarking on the preservation of one of its signature artifacts, the Martin B-26B-25-MA Marauder Flak-Bait. The Project Team is reaching out to individuals and groups that may have personal stories, photographs, records, and artifacts that would further...
  12. P

    Looking for Vampire Manuals

    Hi I am looking to get some Vampire Manuals. I have a variety of PN but am looking for erection and maintenance or repair manuals, tech orders, whatever may help in the restoration of a Vampire. Preferably the Aussie Mks but any will help. Thanks in advance.
  13. P

    Beaufighters at Chino?

    Hi I read on the Beauforts wiki page that there are 4 RAAF Beaufighter wrecks at Chino in storage with the Military Aircraft Restoration Corp? Does anyone know anything about these or where they are now? Or atleast confirm they are there
  14. Thorlifter

    Any info on HE-219 found in Denmark?

    Is there any information on the restoration of the He-219 found in Denmark? 500 Internal Server Error YES, this link works. Not sure why it's being labeled this way
  15. J

    Any B5N Kate in restoration?

    Hello, Please, someone knows if there's any B5N Kate torpedo bomber in restoration or that could restored? I guess that there are not many Kates left, at least above the sea. In fact, I just know of one exemplar that was recovered in the Pacific territory of Russia in 2003. Don't know anything...
  16. F

    Finnish Hawker Hurricane HC-452 restore project.

    New part published today at Projekti Hawker Hurricane (HC-452) English translation comming next week, but you can read older text in english. Best Regards Tomi
  17. F

    Finnish Hawker Hurricane Mk1 restoration project

    The primary motivation behind this blog is my own personal interest towards old aircraft and photography which I am studying at the moment. I was granted a great opportunity by the Aviation Museum of Central Finland to photograph the restoration project of former Finnish Air Force Hawker...
  18. G

    Restoration Chief from Pueblo CO

    Hi all, my name is Joe and I am Chief of Restorations at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum. I hope to be able to assist any one who may be in need of something that I can "tackle" with you! I also hope to be able to be able to network with others as the Museum I am at, like most non-Federal...
  19. Hugh_T - watch out!

    Being able to obtain valuable aircraft information online is great. I had some issues initially regarding costs but as this has now been resolved I thought it may be prudent to provide an update on current status and not reflect on past issues. Update: Notification: I understand that this...