1. P

    Heinkel bomber parts

    I ahve been shown a number of parts claimed to be from a Heinkel. These are a propeller and a gauge. I also include the serial numbers that are visiible on the propeller Can anyone confirm their identity?
  2. Catch22

    Post-War RCAF Mustang

    So seeing Andy's Mustangs has made me want to start my Tamiya 1/48 (almost bought another 1/32 :rolleyes:) P-51D soon. I will be building it as serial number Mustang IV 9564, which was apparently a P-51D-25-NA with a USAAF serial of 44-72902. I have attached the only picture I've seen of it. My...
  3. Lucky13

    UK Serials Resource Centre...

    I thought that this might come in handy...UK Serials Resource Centre They even got the allotted serials for the F-111K and the TSR.2!
  4. P

    B25 Mitchell ID?

    Hi So awhile back I bought some seat bases I believe for the B25 Mitchell, I have a thread for the restoration of these in technical Requests. However I would like to know what aircraft they came from exactly. All I have is what is believed to be a part number. It is on the side and is...
  5. Snautzer01

    eBay: Douglas SBD Dauntless

    part 1