B25 Mitchell ID?

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Jan 23, 2015

So awhile back I bought some seat bases I believe for the B25 Mitchell, I have a thread for the restoration of these in technical Requests. However I would like to know what aircraft they came from exactly. All I have is what is believed to be a part number. It is on the side and is 62-53054 is there any way I can use this Part number to find the aircraft serial and the history of the aircraft?

Fair enough what about a data[plate. I have a section of P39 elevator that has a dataplate with a serial number and everything, I assume that could be tracked somehow just not sure how to do it.
This is what I was hoping you had...


There are people here who know what your serial number means, hopefully they'll pop in soon

Yeah nah mine is a part dataplate not the main aircraft one, thanks anyway hopefully someone knows something.

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