1. Dronescapes

    The Battle Of Midway. War in the Pacific. The United States against Japan

    The Battle Of Midway. War in the Pacific. The United States against Japan
  2. M

    Basic Aircraft materials chemical composition, treatment and properties books and manuals thread

    Public free Manuals: <Aircraft Materials Naval manual 1953> 1st pdf attachment was published by the navy for the basic training of the chemical composition and treatment of aircraft metal. <Navy Ship material Manual 1958> 2nd pdf attachment was published by the navy for the basic training of the...
  3. B

    Aircrafts/lines Manuals

    Hello, I am looking for FOMs parts A, C, and D. Can anyone share those materials? Appreciate your time and interest.
  4. Aviation History: The Supermarine Spitfire

    Aviation History: The Supermarine Spitfire

    The Supermarine Spitfire is an icon and one of the most famous planes of World War Two. Designed by R.J Mitchel, it would provide vital services for the Allies throughout the Second World War and became one of the few Allied aircraft to be manufactured before, throughout and after the war. In...
  5. Reddington

    ID Aircraft Seat

    I bought this seat in the UK and was wondering what it could be from. It looks like a DeValland Rapide but it doesn't have arm rests.
  6. JakobVonBismarck

    Help identifying WW2 aircraft parts. Any help would be appreciated!

    Hey everyone, Recently I purchased a box full of unidentified aircraft parts in which the previous owner had obtained the parts from a RAAF garbage dump to use in scientific equipment and such after the war, so some of the parts are a bit chopped and hacked up. I was just wondering if anybody...
  7. S

    Air battles over Malta 1942

    Hello! I recently finished building model kits of Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vb and Messerschmitt Bf 109-E both of which had roles in dogfights over Malta. I was wondering if anyone knows any more planes that had parts in this battle ( between June 1940 and November 1942). I tried to find more...
  8. D

    WWII Sub/Aircraft Friendly Fire Incidents

    I am looking for stories about friendly fire incidents between aircraft and U.S. submarines during WWII. Thanks!
  9. Kalsonic

    A good website or book to learn on what radio communication units were used in the Eastern Front?

    From '41 to '45, between the Soviet and the German airforce. It would be great to know how such equipment performed too.
  10. N

    Fun WWII U.S. Navy Training Film - Gunnery

    It is listed as a gunnery film but there is a lot of footage of second line/obsolete aircraft being flown by the Navy in training missions. Thrown in are a Spitfire and a D.510. View:
  11. Airframes

    American Air Museum in Britain - up-date.

    Just had an up-date from Duxford, informing that the American Museum, situated at the west end of the airfield, will re-open on 19th March. The Museum has been closed for the past year, whilst re-furbishment of the building was undertaken, and some exhibits re-painted and general maintenance...
  12. G

    Japanese-made CGI WW2 aircraft documentaries

    Has anyone been watching these videos with Japanese names on their titles? I've seen the one with the 343 Kokutai. This is also one of my favorites: View:
  13. G

    Been lurking for months, finally glad to join the community

    Hello, everyone! I have been fascinated with aviation since I was young. I've tried to read any books about aircraft that I could find in the house or school, back then. Right now, I've become more interested in WW2 aircraft than ever. My first flight sims were MiG Alley and Enemy Engaged...
  14. X

    "Come on Baby Light My Fire....!"

    ......Ahh-hh-h, the joys of meddling with the elusive spark - a challenge for all who've been stranded when they needed it most. Fortunately, advances in modern solid-state electronic technology has massively increased ignition system reliability to the point that ignition failure is almost...
  15. T

    Gunther Seeger's Friedrich? - help needed please

    Hi all, I wonder whether anybody can help me to identify the aircraft (probably a Bf 109F-2) being flown by Gunther Seeger in Stab./JG2 during late July 1941, please? If it helps, he may have been flying as 'number two' to Walter Oesau during this period. The reason I am looking is that I...
  16. GregP

    For Bill Marshall

    Hi Bill, As you know I recently posted my most recent attempt at Tony Woods German aerial victory files. In it I did a basic analysis of the claims by type victim and date. To get there I literally went through the victories and inserted generic types for the victims in a column I added. So a...
  17. GregP

    Paddlewheel Aircraft Carriers

    This looked interesting to me and I thought you might like to read it.
  18. Capt. Vick

    A second stored Ju 88 ladder?

    I saw this picture in a recently purchased book on the Junkers Ju 88. What struck me as odd was the little collapsible (?) ladder that is leaning against the fuselage, just to the rear of the wing root. I have never seen that before. It looks too flimsy to me to be actual ground equipment...
  19. M

    Streamline Japanese procurement

    If you could streamline Japanese aircraft, engine, and armament procurement, so there would be less duplication between Army and Navy, how would you do it? A5M or Ki-27? Ki-44 or J2M? Ki-21 or G3M? Ki-49 or G4M? Or were these aircraft sufficiently different to all be needed? What...
  20. Airframes

    Heinkel He-111H-4 entry into Service.

    Does anyone have definitive information as to exactly when the H-4 variant entered service with the Luftwaffe ? In various books I've been studying, this variant is shown as entering service, or at the very least replacing the H-3 variant in production, on periods ranging from '..early 1940'...