1. horseUSA


    The site will be down for maintenance this Friday 10AM Eastern time (UTC -5). Moving to new server Switching forum software to XenForo Proper HTTPS support Other tweaks and site cleanup Downtime to last a few hours There will be a Maintenance Page which will provide updates as...
  2. Totalize

    My New Website and Facebook Page

    Hi All, I have finally completed (for the most part) my new website and Facebook page. These sites will be a work in progress so please have a look and let me know what you think by posting your comments on both sites. Website: twis-first-cut The armour section still needs a bit of work but...
  3. Marcel

    Website Fokker G-1 now also in English

    I am the webmaster of the Fokker G-1 foundation. This is an historic group, trying to keep the memory alive of this magnificent fighter and ultimately build a flying model. We recently made our website multi language instead of Dutch only, so we can reach out to an international audience. If you...
  4. G

    One of the best German referernces website was gone...

    worng information. Sorry.
  5. S

    White Ensign Models (WEM) Closing

    As per the title. White Ensign Models announced on it's website that it will be closing it's doors for the last time on 28th of this month. I have been using their Colourcoat paints for several years and very good they are too. I'm an old school enamel user and these have sprayed better than...
  6. B

    Website for World War II aircraft

    Greetings, I am not sure where I can post this information, so I will put it up here and see what happens. I created a website about 4-5 months ago for a quick reference for flight sim pilots to get a little knowledge on what aircraft they were flying in flight sims. I know that in this day...