1/48 Mosquito NF Mk.XIX

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Jan 18, 2011

Does the Tamiya 1/48 "De Havilland Mosquito NF Mk.XIII/Mk.XVII" #61075 is the best option to build an NF Mk.XIX?

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The NF Mk30 was also similar.
The Merlin 25 on the XIX and the 70 on the 30 made for noticeable differences. The 2 speed, 2 stage supercharger on the latter made it longer and so extended the nacelles. Also, new intercooler air intakes were seen just behind the spinner on the lower cowl on the 30.

I don't think the bull nose radar dome needed for the XIX is included in the Tamiya kit so would have to be purchased separately.
The Universal nose was what I called the "bull nose" (see pic below). It was designed to accommodate either the British AI Mk.VIII or Mk X radar as well as the American SCR 720/729 unit. Info from Ian Thirsk.


Note the engine nacelles on the XIX above vs those on the 30 below. Also, the exhaust shrouds are different:

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I found this regarding Tamiya #61075:
"This kit presents the bullnosed night fighter very well. Tamiya says it is a M.XIII, but it can be made up as either a late-production Mk.XIII or Mk.XIX, or a Mk.XVII, by use of the different wingtips and propellers applicable to the particular version."
And found this => Mossie_var
"NF.XIX Fighter. Developed from and similar to the NF.XIII, but with Merlin 25 engines and able to take either British or American radar sets"
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My apologies as I misread your initial post. I thought you were asking about the NF.II/FB.VI kit which does not have the bull nose.

Oh, but now I see you edited the post!!!!!!

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