1/48 PB4Y-2 Model Kit Opinions

Discussion in 'Model Kit Reviews' started by History Man, Aug 1, 2014.

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    I was wondering if any forum members have purchased and used some of the PB4Y-2 Conversion kits that are on the market....since there are no 1/48 PB4Y-2 kits on the market at the moment (sadly). I have a B24 Monogram and have been reading up on some of the conversion kits but wanted to ask on here before I go any further in my attemtps to acquire one.

    It seems through reviews that the OOP Cutting Edge kit is the best on the market? I have been scanning and have not found any for sale, one was on Ebay that fetched over $200.

    The other kits I have seen around are Koster conversions.....any experience with these or opinions?

    Any help or point in direction would be appreciated, this is one kit I have been wanting to build for awhile.


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