1970s Early Digital Weather Radar AlliedSignal RDS81 Historical Operator, Install and Maintenance Manual including wiring diagram

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Mar 26, 2022
RDS-81 is an old-style digital weather radar in the 1970s, began to be replaced by RDR-2000 in 1995.
RDS-81 is a type of pulse-doppler digital radar, which could not only detect clouds and thunderstorm, but also could detect terrirans, and could be used to navigation.
Transmitter Peak Power: 1kW
Instrumented Range: 80nm
Frequency: 9345kHz+-25kHz
Recieve Bandwidth: 1.6MHz and 0.6MHz
1970s Old-style Digital Weather Radar RDS81 Historical Operator, Install and Maintenance Manual including wiring diagram.
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There's B-52's Radar navigation operator's manual.
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