Soviet early 1980s 150km 19ZH6 radar textbook manual

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Mar 26, 2022
Soviet early 1980s 150km 19ZH6 radar textbook manual. thanks to Mr.Springrose.
It's an export or de-rated version of radar used on export version of early S300, which were used in Eastern Europe.
Specifications frequency: 2 850 … 3 200 MHz (E/F-Band)
pulse repetition time (PRT): 0.7 or 1.3 ms
pulse repetition frequency (PRF): 750 or 1500
pps pulsewidth (τ): 6 or 12 µs receiving time: 500 or 1000 µs
dead time: 200 or 300 µs
peak power: up to 350 kW
average power: up to 3.2 kW
instrumented range: 150 or 75 km
range resolution: 600 m
accuracy: 80 m; 0,45°
beamwidth: 6,5°
hits per scan: 3
antenna rotation: 6 or 12 rpm.
MTBCF: 140 h
MTTR: 60 min

The manuals are here:
Spec discription:
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The manuals are here:
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or here"
alternate link with access code: 1234

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