Comprehensive Radar Historical tech manuals Index and textbooks thread

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Mar 26, 2022
Here're public released early radar regarding air manuals on public websites:
Blunham Village Web Site's radar manuals varying from British WWII AA radar to Early waring radar to Air-search radar used on early Vulcan:

Foundation for German communication and related technologies website, with many original manuals on German WWII radar, including all kinds of German WWII Air radar as well as early warning air-defence radar:

AN/FPS-6 Long Range Air Defence Radar Manual 1961:
Marconi Type7 1942 Long Range Meter-Wave Radar Operator and Maintenance Manual:
ASV manual:
Equivelant to F-104A RADAR--Britain ARI5919 aircraft-detection radar used on Vulcan bomber operator and maintenance manual:
Britain WWII AA Gun Radar Public manuals - operator and maintenance manuals government public released:
AR-1 early terminal approach radar Operator and Maintenance Manuals including wiring diagram:
Radar IFF Manuals Thread - from the first iff to modern civil iff:
SAGE Multi-Radar computer network system in 1959 tech manuals, including wiring diagram - the north american aerospace defense command public release:
1970s Early Digital Weather Radar AlliedSignal RDS81 Historical Operator, Install and Maintenance Manual including wiring diagram:
Hughes Type 1 Ship-detection radar operator maintenance manual including wiring diagram 1948:
SPS-64 ship-detection radar operator maintenance manual with wiring diagram 1970s:
TPQ-36 Ammunition radar government released public operation and maintenance manual and schematics-1980:

Soviet early 1980s 150km 19ZH6 radar textbook manual:

Soviet early P18 and P14 radar theory manual thanks to Mr.Springrose:
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For electronic countermeasures refer to:
B52H 1990s Old-styled Electronic countermeasure operator government manuals - shared for hobby:
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Radar textbook old manuals thanks to Mr. Springrose, who shared them publicly on free website, with an average year of more than 30 years.
There're roughly about 15 manuals:
alternate links:

and so on...

All of the manuals are here:
alternate link:
or here:

another alternate link with access code 1234
Disclaimer: These items are shared for reference, sharing for non-profitable use only.
This manuals and blueprints are not meant to be used for current update material for certification / repair, but make an excellent reference for the scholar, collector, modeler or aircraft buffs .... For proprietary reasons we generally only provide civil manuals and blueprints on obsolete Aircraft / Engines / Helicopter. The information is for reference only and we do not guarantee the accuracy or currency of any manuals.

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