2-engined bombers: how big is too big?

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Apr 3, 2008
In the context of 1935-1945, piston engines of the time, propellers and superchargers on technology of the day. Ditto for aerodynamics, materials and structures.
I've put this in the what-if sub-forum in order to also discuss the might-have-beens.


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Jun 29, 2009
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well, you are going from 1000hp engines in 1935 (if you are lucky) to 2500hp engines in 1945 (or even 3000hp engines) so the allowable gross weight goes up considerably.
So do you want to use the higher power for speed or for load carrying. ala the Vickers Warwick or the Lockheed P2V-1

Prototype flew May of 1945. Granted it is maritime patrol and not really for contested air space over land.
In 1935 the "standard" was probably the Whitley for gross weight for a twin.
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May 13, 2018
Is the P4M a twin or four engine? The jets were for emergency, much the C-123K used jets. If the P4M is four engined, then so is the C-123K. In fact, the C-119 firebombers could be classed as trimotors. Just adding confusion, my best skill.

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