4 Missing after Australian Army helicopter ditches off Queensland Coast

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Indeed. I remember the 2005 Nias Island Sea King crash of a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Sea King helicopter that includes someone I went through officer training with: FLTLT Lynne Rowbottom.
This accident got me thinking last night of the handful of people I knew who died while serving in the Army - all in training and suicide. I also once flew in a Sea King (Shark 07) with Lt Paul Kimlin in the Persian Gulf, he was the pilot lost at Nias :salute:
Operational accidents are not a trivial concern in the military. We worked with dangerous stuff- stuff designed to kill.

Yep. Working on a flight-line, or a firing-line, and many other places (fishing boat, oil rig, and so on), will teach a person discipline. I've seen three deaths in training, none in a working fire, and of course (because I wasn't a combat troop) none there.

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