55hp public UAV piston engine maintenance manual and ipc

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Mar 26, 2022
55hp Austro public UAV piston engine maintenance manual and ipc,
Displacement 294 cm3 (17.94 cu.in)
Fuel AVGas 100LL or RON 95 Unleaded Engine Oil approved synthetic
Coolant 50% glycol, water
Engine Control ECU
Ignition Timing variable
Spark Plug surface discharge
Alternator 14 Volt / 18 Amp
Weight (dry) 24.5 kg / 54.0 lb
Performance at sea level 41 kW / 55 hp
Max. RPM 7,750 min-1 Max.
Torque 52.5 Nm
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For metal materials of the engine, refer to Basic Aircraft Materials and treatment:

55hp Austro public UAV piston engine maintenance manual and ipc, please download the attachments here:


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