1. MiTasol

    Napier Lion Engine manual

    I have had this one for some time but all the pages in the back have been cut out. Now I have found there are several other copies in existence and I am trying to get the missing pages from one of those sources and will try other sources if necessary. I will add those pages when I get them -...
  2. H

    Engine piece

    Good Evening fellow enthusiasts, fresh member here. I joined because curiosity got the better of me today and wanted to try and see if i could identify which engine the con-rod that i have is originally from. Backstory: im based in northern Kent, UK so during the war, this area saw a lot of...
  3. M

    GE 1960s CF6 engine early viarant maintenance manual+IPC+ student maintenance training manuals sorted out from public websites

    GE CF6 was a type of engine developed from TF39 used on C-5 in 1960s, which generally produces a power from 200kN to 300kN, weighing about 4 tons. It's used on Airbus A300, A330. Boeing 747, Boeing 767 and Douglas DC-10. GE 1960s CF6 engine early viarant maintenance manual+IPC are here: CF6...
  4. M

    55hp public UAV piston engine maintenance manual and ipc

    55hp Austro public UAV piston engine maintenance manual and ipc, Displacement 294 cm3 (17.94 cu.in) Fuel AVGas 100LL or RON 95 Unleaded Engine Oil approved synthetic Coolant 50% glycol, water Engine Control ECU Ignition Timing variable Spark Plug surface discharge Alternator 14 Volt / 18 Amp...
  5. M

    4800-hp lycoming T55 turboshaft engine maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalogue used on CH-47 series

    4800-hp lycoming T55 turboshaft engine maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalogue used on CH-47 series, government approved public released, distribution is unlimited. For the first post, it's electronic-controlled T55-714 engine, which is capable of 4800hp for 5mins, 5000hp for 30s...
  6. M

    1400-hp lycoming T53 turboshaft engine maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalogue used on UH-1 series

    1400-hp lycoming T53 turboshaft engine maintenance manual and illustrated parts catalogue used on UH-1 series, government public released, distribution is unlimited.. Please download the following 6 pdf attachments:
  7. M

    1961 GE J79 Afterburner Turbojet engine maintenance manuals + illustrated Parts Catalogue(IPC) and Rolls-Royce Spey MK202 Turbofan Afterburner jet

    Rolls-Royce Spey were used on TRIDENT Jets, and Spey MK202 Turbofan jet is a jet used on F-4K English edition, which lengthened the range of F-4K, and enhanced F-4K's low speed and altitude performance. General specs: Type: Low bypass turbofan Length: 204.9 in (5204.4 mm) Diameter: 43.0 in...
  8. M

    P&W JT8D/Volvo RM8 Engine 1960s Early version Maintenance Manuals with ipc, and early AL-31 engine 1980s manual and partial drawing

    JT8D was researched by the P&W company and was fashioned in 1960s, being used by many early jets at that time, including Douglas DC-9, French Dassault Mercure, and later Sweden Saab-37 fighter, Boeing 737-200 etc, most of which were in fashion in 1960s, but begun to retire in 1990s, most of...
  9. M

    GE T700-701C Turboshaft Army Repair Manual and IPC - Used on UH-60 Blackhawk: Approved for public release, Distribution is unlimited

    GE T700-701C Tueboshaft Army Repair Manual and IPC. Army Repair manual and Illustrated parts catalogue on public websites. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Please download the following 3 pdf attachments:
  10. M

    Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp engine manuals - overhaul manual, maintenance manual & IPC

    WWII Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp engine manuals - overhaul manual, maintenance manual & IPC, which was used on North American T-6, sorted out from public websites, such as scibd.com, etc., sharing for interest freely with no profit. Please download the following 3 pdf attachments:
  11. M

    BELL 206 L ambulance helicopter Manuals with engines - AFM-AMM(WDM in AMM)-SRM-IPC, plus public-distributed OH58AC helicopter AFM, AMM, IPC

    Bell-206L jetranger is a one-ton helicopter, capable of carrying 5 people with 3 rows of seats, whose payload is 1750 lbs(794kg), and could be used as an ambulance. Initial version of Bell 206 has been researched before the War of Vietnam, and Bell 206L series had been produced since 1975, all...
  12. M

    Continental TSIO-360 200hp engine manuals and IPC, sorted out from PUBLIC WEBSITES

    CONTINENTAL TSIO-360 AIRCRAFT ENGINE MANUALS AND IPC ON PUBLIC WEBSITES, including: operator's manual, overhaul manual, as well as illustrated parts catalogue. Continental TSIO-360 is an engine weights 342 pounds, producing a power of 200hp. Please download the following 4 pdf attachments:
  13. P

    Where is the S3C3-G standing for in the engine name of Pratt & Whitney

    Hi, I am totally new in the WWII airplane world. But the fact that you start investigating something brings more and more questions. So I tried to figure out the exact meanings of de data that is written in an engine specification. I found an article where there is written that the engines on...
  14. Baball

    Hispano-Suiza 12Y manuals

    Commercial brochure detailing the characteristics and performances of the Hispano-Suiza 12Ydrs, 12Ydrs1, 12Ydrs2 and 12Ycrs engines.
  15. Baball

    Argus As-410 A-2 Manual

    Manual for the Argus As-410 A-2 engine. Also includes a description of the Argus mechanical propeller RPM regulator.
  16. Baball

    Manuals for various Russian and Lend-Lease engines

    Manuals for : - Mikulin M-17F M-34RNA, RNB and NB AM-38 and AM-38F AM-42 - Kilmov M-100 M-100A M-103A and M-105 (2 parts) M-105PA, RA, PF and RF VK-107-A and VK-108 - Shvetsov M-11 M-11 D, L and K ASh-62IR in two parts ASh-82FN - Allison V-1710 C-15 and V-1710 E-4 (Russian)
  17. X

    RUMPLER'S MONSTER..........."Eye-popping" Aero-Engine!

    "So Edmund [Rumpler], what did you get up to in World War 1?" "Indeed!" When Edmund Rumpler wasn't busy building fighters to try and knock the allied air brigades out of the sky his creative mind drifted to other tantalising projects of tomorrow. Toward the end of WW1 he conceived of a (then...
  18. Dimlee

    Petlyakov Pe-2/one engine flight

    Valid question of Schweik in another thread about ability of Petlyakov Pe-2 bomber to fly with one engine down. Best Allied medium bomber 1942-1943 besides the Mosquito I searched through Russian language sources to find more information. Let me present results of my findings in two parts...
  19. Hardrada55

    Could Rolls have make the Foka work?

    Before WW2, Poland was spending much time and money in trying to develop a small twin-engine two seat fighter-bomber. The PSL 38 Wilk (Wolf) was supposed to provide Poland with an aircraft that could perform the duties of both fighter and dive-bomber. This aircraft was to be powered by two...
  20. syscom3

    So you want to be a B29 engine mechanic?

    I found this in a railroad group of all the things. Vignette-5