A-26 invader pilots manual

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Here's another manual, didn't see anything on this one in a thread search.

Oops, didn't attach for some reason, here's a backup link.

Hi Micdrow,

>Here you go, uploaded here for those that wish to download from here.

Great manual, but it seems to be for the Marauder, not for the Invader as the title of this tread would suggest :)


Henning (HoHun)
Thanks to 10tweaker for providing us with this link. Its a link to a Erection and maintance manual for a A-26 invader. Word of warning though they are very large downloads of around 100 meg each in two parts. Sorry I cant upload here into smaller parts due to files being locked. Well worth the download though.

Maintenance Manuals

Thanks again 10tweaker
A more completed version material for B-26 with AFM+AMM+SRM+IPC.:
Douglas A-26 AFM(Flight Manual)+AMM(Maintenance Manual)+SRM(Structural Repair Manual)+IPC(Illustrated Parts Catalogue):

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