A book for those interested in WW1

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by renrich, Jul 8, 2011.

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    This is a historical novel recently reread which is of great interest (I think) to those of us interested in WW1 at sea. The title is " To the Honor of the Fleet" by Robert H Pilpel. It is well written and researched and a very plausible story. Of course it includes many historical figures; Woodrow Wilson, Colonel House, Captain Sims, Churchill, Asquith, Jackie Fisher, Beatty, Jellicoe, Hipper, Von Pohl, Wilhelm, etc. It includes Dogger Bank and Jutland. Also has a lot of human interest threads. I read the book in a pocket book version a number of years ago but it must have been abridged for this hard bound copy I just read had some unfamiliar parts in it. A really good read if one is enthralled with BBs and BCs as I am.

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