A Chinese Spy Balloon? (1 Viewer)

Shoot it down?

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Chief Master Sergeant
Dec 18, 2015

“Last Saturday, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) shot down an object over Yukon — one of four mysterious objects which have been shot down over North America this month.

That same day, Feb. 11, a small hobby club — the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade (NIBBB) — received its last transmission from one of its pico balloons on its seventh circumnavigation around the world. The balloon was near Hagemeister Island, off the southwest corner of Alaska.”



Generalfeldmarschall zur Luftschiff Abteilung
"The descriptions of all three unidentified objects shot down Feb. 10-12 match the shapes, altitudes and payloads of the small pico balloons..."

Except one was reported to be an Octahedron in shape. That's not a "Pico" balloon.

Admiral Beez

1st Lieutenant
Oct 21, 2019
Toronto, Canada
Don't worry about the kid on the bike, shoot down that big pale blue balloon behind him.
That’s no balloon….


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