A minimun of order in the aviation section?

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Nov 22, 2004
To the moderators and administrators:

Is it possible to have something that might resemble order in here?

All threads virtually mingle topics of all natures. Reading and posting is becoming increasingly difficult.

Furthermore, many posters of the forum post very interesting things many times and whenever becomes interesting to read a specific post one recalls, finding it turns out to be an awkward task.

What are your ideas?

Is it possible to put order?
Youll be pleased to know that I am currently cleaning up the aviation section at the moment. Each time a topic reaches obver 20 pages I shall move it to the Archive forum and restart it. This helps keep them on topic, however the fact they will stay on the subject is not guaranteed. In future I will try to start new topics if a certain thread goes in the direction of it.

Hope this helps, CC 8)
Not each time we go off topic, but if the conversation takes a large turn off topic i will request that either a new topic is made for the discussion or that the subject of the original topic is resumed...
When a post is taken far off-topic the moderator should move the diverting replies to a new thread with an appropriate name, and install a post with a link to that new thread in place of the removed posts and a request to the diverter(s) to do this themselves in the future.

Just a suggestion....


That makes sense. As I'm frequently guilty of this, I must agree. :rolleyes:
No harm is intended by it, but I can understand why the truly serious posters would get upset after a while.

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