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Mar 26, 2007
Good stuff!. I do know a few guys have there own blogs websites. Perhaps there can be a heads up page for updates on those pages? Just a head hunting line of intrest.
Traffic will be the same but it can and i think will enhance discussions or questions here.

The book guys i hope the will get in and see an audience dedicated to ww2 subject and see ample opportunity to adress the many many people reading this site. Most if not all deserve their work to at least be noticed.

Hope it will pan out.

Thanks horseUSA
Yes. Like i.g FalkeEins FalkeEins . He is running a very good site. I can not see any harm in a heads up if he wrote a new chapter on something.
I do think people like that will try to get viewers to his site.
But that must be ok. They did the work.
I hope the discussions here will richer in depth.
There are writers like Bell, Vasco and quite a few more that give weight i think.
So bloggers should be here to. They add to this site.

In this thread a lot of writers that are member here are mentioned.

Perhaps a general invite to these guys and launch of the new book part would be a plan.
Using the @ i.g. atJohn Vasco etc etc.

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