A New CFS-2 Ventrilo Server is Up Runnin!!!

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Oct 14, 2005
There is a new Ventrilo voice server in town for all interested CFS-2 sim – pilots; sponsored by The CFS-2 Flight Deck, the server offers personal log in passwords, as well as a message board. Also featured are password protected rooms, available by reservation for squad meetings and/or practices.

The personal logs in passwords force accountability, as they do here, so 'funny businesses' may be dealt with, discouraged responsibly, instead of by the 'usual' methods.

At this time the 100 active member server is open to all. After Jan. 10th or 15th the server will serve only The CFS-2 Flight Deck members. Membership is free. We are not a squadron, we are a community of CFS-2 multiplayer 'die-hards'. We currently have members from CFS-2 squads such as SOD, VF-103, VF-7 … to name a few.

Take your game to The CFS2 Flight Deck for info on connecting to the Ventrilo server, possibly sign up…

Again, only until Jan 10, or maybe the 15th will all be permitted fly, The CFS-2 Flight Deck member as well as the 'non-member'; after that date, the server will be closed to non-members.

PS: Currently we enjoy 72 members, of which 8 to 16 sim-pilots may be found on a busy night, less than 8 on working weekday evenings.

The CFS-2 Flight Deck


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