A tutorial on 3D decal application

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Working on my GB55(2)
I would suggest if you Do decide to use this 3D pack on a Mk.V................... get it Before!!!!!!!! you start.
There are many side wall parts to replace with the parts included.
I have also found I can peel them off the backing, only sayin, not recommending!
Unless you try and it works! Oooops........ They must be dry for any adhesive to stick to the kit.

But I am happy with them. The IP has plenty of 3D look and feel.
The little control box faces can be put on the kit "boxes" if the exist.
Otherwise a piece of PVC card will make them stand out a bit nicer.
And the PE harnesses are Bitchin and have great detail.
Checking out another build, they applied 3D's.........
I now know why PVA is used, it's water soluble! So if I apply a coat of PVA, and the decal is a bit damp it's only effect is allowing the positioning of the decal and no effect on adhesion.
So I will do this the next go, a P-47 GB56!
Thanks for that!
I'm using these for the first time on my P-38. I used Elmer's glue to attach most of the parts to the panels. Worked good except for the curved throttle panel top pieces. Since they are elastic like vinyl they don't stay bent around areas, so I used a bit of superglue and pressed them over the curve to stick them down properly. Also I noticed there was a white outline around the edges of the panel from the backing material, a black Sharpie marker can be drawn around the edge to get rid of the white area.

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