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But seriously, that was so close to a large loss of life in several ways. Firstly, if the a/c had hit the truck closer to the nose, it is likely that the stability of the a/c would have been lost and the whole stopping process could have been a rolling fireball, instead of a lost engine and U/C leg with big fuel leak but with a semi-controlled stop.
The fire was fought as quickly as you could expect (possibly quicker with the second fire unit already out) however, the fire looks to have breached the aircraft skin and, it must have been very close to a fatal internal fire. Not certain why the forward doors were not opened earlier, one possibility is that the left engine was not immediately shut down. The right engine had gone and there was a fire at the wing but, there is no future in sitting in an aircraft on fire after a major crash.
The big questions will probably be about runway incursion.
Condolences to those of Fire Crew lost, and anyone else affected.


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