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Ollie could You explain me what "frawing" means.There isn't an explaining in my dictionary.It lets me improve my English. I would be grateful.
There are 2 radiation stickers in that cockpit! That is the second time I have seen a posted pic with the radiation hazard marker somewhere in the cockpit. Hey Joe, do you know why a cockpit would have a rad hazard marker?
I've checked others pictures on the site. There are radiation hazard markers in almost all cockpits.I think that AAC could use a special stuff for detection of radiation or they use old indicators with hands and dials covered with phosphorus or others to iluminate digits at night. But it's only theory.The best solution is to get a contact with somebody from a technical service
Yep. One of my great aunts worked in a plac that painted the luminous dials on clocks and instruments with Radium. Like any artist, she used to put the brush between her lips to make a fine point on the brush. Needless to say, she and many others died of Radium poisoning.

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