AAF Tables of Equipment (# Aircraft Assigned Per Standard Squadron/Group)

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Old MacDonald

Mar 27, 2018
Helping a friend who's working on cataloging the standard number of aircraft assigned to all types of squadron/groups from 1940-1945. Any ideas where this info can be found? We've looked on "the net," but pretty much everything found so far is essentially anecdotal and not official.

His primary interest is in the "standard" numbers of aircraft assigned to a squadron and/or group for fighters (ground attack, interceptor, night, etc.), bombers (light, medium, heavy, VH), and transports. We suspect the numbers could be different for units of the same category flying different aircraft types (B-17 vs B-24 vs B-29, for example), and possibly by theater of assignment. At this point we just don't know and can't find definitive info.


Thanks much.

Ole' Mac

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