Ace combat series anybody?

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Jul 17, 2005
played through 4 and 5. dont know if ace combat zero is worth it or not. or should i wait for the price drop?
i can't find ace combat 5 or 4 anywhere, (except the internet, where my parents wont allow for) but when i played ace combat 2 on my PSone many yrs ago, i kinda liked it
i own four and five and thought they were amazing games, but a little too easy, a joystick would so enhance the perfection...whats ace combat zero? new game already?
They are great games, the the storyline in 4 and 5 do not relate at all, I am totally confused by it, because now I just beat Ace Combat Zero hoping that something will relate to AC4 but nothing at all.
the only FSlims for the consoles are the jet games though
If you have a computer, the best aircraft simulator I have ever played was on PC a 1998 game called Apache Longbow Anthology. That one you fly the Apache Longbow and it can be tough shooting down a Mig-29 Fulcrum in a helicopter. It is just the best helicopter simulator ever made period. I think Jane's made some quite good simulators for other aircraft, but that is the only one I have of the series. It is just good in graphics considering it runs on 1998 hardware. It is just a good game. You won't beat that even one campaign in four hours even on easy! It will really challenge you and test your skills. Healz.
pacific heroes is too hard to play without a stick. i tried it. really liked the graphics, but aiming with a controller just isnt my thing. so i traded with devil may cry 3 special edition.
I have Ace Combat stuck on the mission where you have to fly inside the dam...its a little embarrassing actually but still, inside a dam? when is that going to happen?!
I still have the original Ace Combat 9or Air Combat as it was called over here), still quite fun to play now, even if it was on the easy side (65 missiles and 4000 cannon round iirc). Those canyon missions were brilliant though!

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