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Aug 3, 2004
Gaza Strip
If you ever wanted to fly a Mig-29 falcrum or Su-27 Flanker B,Su-33 Flanker D(carrier version of the 27), Su-25 Frogfoot, A-10 Worthog or the F-15,
This is the game for you, This is air modern air combat on big scale, With tanks, Ships,Infantry, Planes and Choppers, And cevilian Traffic.

Its very realistic, Needs a quite powerful computer, But the game is great.

http://www.lo-mac.com/ The official lock on site.


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I don't actually own LOMAC (hard to find, for some reason :( ) but I have played it, and it's awesome!
The closest I actually own is the older version of the game: Flanker 2.5, which is good too. You can only fly the Sukhois and Migs in that one, though.
Another thing i recommend for Flightsim 2004 is the add on wings of power\fire power(the names got confused in Emule), Its a great add on, wich adds B-17 G,B-17 F, lancaster,B-24 and a few more planes.


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Are there any flight sims where you can battle modern planes against older planes? Id like to blow the shit out of a Spitfire with a Eurofighter, for instance ;)
bah... then ill have to fly the spitfire to PWN you :p
I've played some LOMAC. I've got the game... The only foult is that my game was bought from FRANCE, and it's entirely in french...I don't speak not even "un petite peau" of french... But the game rullz... :)

Now: what kinda game with WW2 aircraft could you recommend???
I personally prefer Jane's Combat Simulations: Longbow Anthology although I am currently having a bit of problems as I can't seem to get a mission to fully load under XP. It gets to the Mission Load Screen it looks to be loading and then boots me out onto the desktop. It is a great game though. In Longbow 1 you can fly the AH-64A Apache or AH-64D Apache Longbow; In Longbow 2 you can fly the AH-64A Apache, AH-64D Apache Longbow, Kiowa Warrior the Blackhawk Helicopter. Slash one Hind scattered over the countryside. AH-64D biggest distributor of used Hind Parts... One of the most realistic helicopter sims I have found, I barely have got out of beginner mod.
yeah i tried to but my computer couldn't handle it and the planes were TOO manouverable, it was impossible to fly straight and level, even when i had the least manouverable plane..........
still have the feeling im to dumb for lock-on. ive installed it.. flew it on MP. but i still dont know how ti fire such a damn missle.. so im always going to guns in that game :p ( IL-2 spoilering? :p or 2 much top gun )
anyway.. can someone tell me how to fire a missle in that game.. because the pdf on my disc is "corrupted" :S

Ow,.. and im back ^_^ (in case you didnt notice.. tough, i dont think someone missed me :p )
I noticed you were gone, I was scanning through the memberlist the other day thinking "Whatever happened to Archangel?" :lol:

I think ill ask for LoMAC for my birthday in a month or so.
well.. tell me when you know how to fire a missle, would you? ^^

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