Adrian Warburton's Beaufighter PR.Ic T4705

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Aug 2, 2005
San Mateo, CA
Hi there,

Just wondering if anybody has any technical info or photos regarding the Mk.Ic Beaus (T4705 and T3301) that were field modified for PR work at Heliopolis, Egypt and then transfered to Luqa, Malta with 69 Sqn - Warburton flew with T4705. I'm just trying to figure out where they would have placed the cameras. After studying several books I think that they would have placed them in the empty cannon bays thus easier for the navigator to use them. My sources say early in the modification the Beaus carried 3 vertical cameras - so maybe 2 in one cannon bay and 1 in the other? Later on they also received 1 horizontal camera - obviously in the nose - and an oblique - port side by the navigator just like in the PR Mosquitos maybe? Just hoping to get opinions, ideas and hopefully somebody has a photo?...

Old thread resurrection time, I've just been reading online about the Gentleman named above and he seems to have been quite a maverick. I've done search online and seen quite a bit of information about him; specifically this

RAF's wartime daredevil finally laid to rest

Just wondered whether any one here had modelled one of his aircraft?

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