Air battle over Dunkirk

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Mar 7, 2007
I am currently reading Walter J Boynes "Clash of Wings"

Wherein he gives the losses during the final 1940 air war over France as (P66 -Operation Dynamo)

RAF losses 177
LW losses 240

RAF 3561 sorties
Dowlings Fighter command first day 287 sorties (May 20 ?)

Dowling gave the rude news to Churchill that 52 squadrons were needed for the up coming BoB and he had only 35. France was to be abandoned by the RAF forward bases.

Von Rundstedt stated he was not willing to cut off the retreat to the beaches, as he was concerned about a counter attack by the French in the south.

Goering promised he would halt the evacuation of the B.E.F.

He failed.. The first defeat of the Luftwaffe (P63)

How does this stack up to other sources..
hi Jackson,

one of my sources say

sorties from RN: 2700

RAF losses: 177
LW losses : 156 total

It was the first battle during the war, where the RAF could outperform the LW and take air supremacy in short time periods over Dunkirk.
These first RAF/ LW (etc) air battles, Holland etc, seem to be often overlooked.

We are all aware of them, but they are seldom discussed.

People will talk about the ME109-K vs the XIV etc, but the BF Emile vs Mk I air battles often overlooked.

The author gives a a decent discussion/ account of the Hurricane's performance.

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