Air Classics Mag on EBay - Unashamed Plug

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Apr 6, 2005
Air Classics Mag on EBay - Unashamed Plug.

I must be mad selling this mag because it's so much good stuff in it.

I know you guys are interested not only in the warbirds themselves but also the movies they make about them. This has a long article replete with some mono pix of the sets. Amusing and informative like the rest of the mag.

I bought it on my US travels.


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That's a neat cover on that mag. The guy that owns that mag (air classics) also owns that B-25, Executive Sweet! Nothing like a little self promotion! Hey, if I had a magazine and an airplane I would do the same though. Executive sweet has had a number of different paint jobs and it's something to look back on her old paint jobs.
Wow - rather ironic that I am doing some self-promo too! Good to hear that the plane is still around.

Meanwhile, the next mag on Ebay is an old issue of Av News:
has a good article about the Thud retiring and Kingcobra scale plans, visit there to see a scan of part of the page. I have been trying out using Photobucket to host additional images so as to not pay to do so with Ebay.
As an eBay Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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