Allison V-1710 on grade 91 fuel

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Nov 20, 2008
WW2 era Tech Order (T.O.) 02-1-38 covers the use of grade 91 fuel for training and US continental use to conserve 100/130 gasoline for overseas combat operations.

In the section of the various Allison V-1710 engines, the above T.O. refers the user to T.O. 02-5A-66 for the operating limits to be observed when using grade 91 (aka 91/96) gasoline.

Does anyone have a link to or could post a copy of T.O. 02-5A-66 ???

My google-fu is weak, and I have been unable to find the second T.O. with the Allison V-1710 limits.
Likewise could not find a copy even using dogpile but it was a fairly late TO

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