American Aero Open house

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May 30, 2011
Cape Canaveral
American Aero at New Smyrna Beach Airport will be holding an open house to benefit the local Humane Society on Saturday 22 Feb 2020. Admission price is some pet food.

I was just there to drop off a magneto for maintenance and went into the office to ask where the mag shop was located. Following their directions, I walked out onto the ramp to find a big beautiful B-24 sitting there and a gorgeous B-17 just past it. A T-6 and a P-51D were in the hangar undergoing maintenance and there were two PBY fuselages they were working on as well. I don't know what else might be on display but they always have some exceptional equipment.
American Aero performs annuals and maintenance for the Collings Recips. The B-24 is Witchcraft, the P-51s are their Toulouse Nuts ( WVa Air Guard ) and their P-51C model being re-painted with a new scheme. Their P-40 is there along with Collings B-25, PBY, and a PT-19. The EAAs B-17 Aluminum Overcast is there also getting new cross-over spars in the bomb bay. There is also a private Corsair there getting a zero-time R-2800-43, a T-6 undergoing some maintenance, and a private TBM parked. And there are two other PBYs there one being restored for a static display. Behind the magneto shop is another American Aero shop with two Boeing L-15 scouts undergoing restoration. Look up that one to see what an odd aircraft it is.

I was back up there today picking up one magneto and dropping another one off. I did not see the L-15's. I bought a set of new, unused L-15 brakes at Sun and Fun about 25 years ago and finally sold them to some outfit in Minnesota or somewhere like that a few years ago; I wish I had waited!.
If you were inside the Magneto shop then you were about 10 feet from the L-15s. The door between the two couches leads to the shop where they are.

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